To request a permission number for CSE courses, read the information on this page and submit a request via the red link on the page.

The course schedules can be found inĀ the Student Administration System.

Important Forms

Students should review their plan and update academic planner every semester and when they change their plan.

Preliminary Plan of Study

When students have 54 credits, they are required to submit the preliminary plan of study in the Student Administration System. Typically, students submit their preliminary plan of study by the end of sophomore year. They need to declare a concentration first.

Final Plan of Study

Students must be submitted as soon as possible after registering for your final semester of coursework. The latest a final POS can be submitted is by the end of the fourth week of the semester in which a student plans to graduate.

Programs in CSE Department


Useful links

Honors Students

Please read the information on the following pages carefully. Plan to get CSE Honors credits regularly and find a Honors thesis supervisor in junior year.